Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Baby Powder is Relocating!

No cake pictures?

That is because... I am relocating to beautiful British Columbia. That's right, from GTA cross country in just a few weeks.

I am realizing now that buying what I thought, was a life time supply of flour and vanilla extract, may not have been the best idea. I am struggling to make anything to use up what I have left without purchasing new ingredients.

No one seems to like the idea of whole wheat flour seaweed cakes.

But don't despair!

I will pick up mid September and will continue to take orders and commissions.  So i

f you live in the Okanagan area you are in luck!

I am sad to leave my old clients behind (like Michelle), I look forward to making new ones. So please browse my pricing list, or email me at laura.dalimonte@gmail.com with any questions.

...I can't resist a parting cupcake shot.

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