Thursday, 27 June 2013

Durian Cake and Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes

 Durian Cream Cake with creamy whipped icing.

Not being a fan of durian myself I would have never attempted this cake unless someone ordered it specifically. The fruit itself has a such a strong odor that every time I opened the refrigerator, I could smell the cake through its container. But it seems like those who love it, really love it, and don't mind subjecting their friends to its pungent smell.

However the cake did turn out stunningly tall and sturdy, and the cream went on smoothly. I even started thinking I wanted to try a slice.

Along with the cake was an order for half a dozen chocolate, green tea cupcakes. These turned out pretty tasty. I made my regular chocolate cupcake recipe and put in a tablespoon of matcha powder into the batter. Then made a matcha  butter cream, by heating up the milk, sugar and matcha powder and  letting cool, before stirring in the butter. ( And a little food dye because it was sort of, "off brown")

I love the look of this cake. I'll defiantly have to try it again with a flavour I'm fond of.

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