Sunday, 21 April 2013

Baking Marathon

In an attempt to have better pictures of my baked goods, I had a 13 hour baking marathon.
Thanks to Elaine Chen for her beautiful photography.

Earl Grey Macarons, Double Stacker Mini Cheese Cakes and Vanilla Cupcakes

Also thanks to Anita Tang, Linda Redlack, Alissa Fu, Lisa Wang, Tiffany Lin, Jessica Yang, and Sue Tien, for letting me boss them around all day and helping me get it all together.

 Vanilla Mini Cake

This is a picture of everything we made just before we made just consuming it.

This is the final list of what we made:
Vanilla Cupcakes
3 Mini Vanilla Cakes covered with fondant
Chocolate avocado Cupcakes
Mini Double stacker cheesecakes
Double stacker cheese cake
Chocolate brownie cheese cake
Earl Grey Macarons with earl grey buttercream
Earl Grey Macarons with White chocolate early Grey Ganauche
Sugar Cookies with royal icing.

Hope everyone enjoyed! 


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