Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tea TIme Treats

Everything is better bite sized, Here are some baby pink confections, that are perfect with a hot cup of tea.

 Kiss Me Vanilla Cupcakes

These have become my go-to goody. The recipe makes about 75 mini cupcakes, and I iced everyone with a vanilla buttercream frosting and a buttercream drop flower.

 After baking so many mini cakes I did eventfully cave and made some regular sized cupcakes as well. Just so I could move on and heat the oven to right temperature for the macarons which I had setting on my computer chair.

Chocolate Macaron

To accompany the pink cupcakes I tried macarons again. They came out a little pointy but not to badly. I guess I'm still on the perfect macaron learning curve.

I love pink desserts,  they look so appetizing. They are perfect for spring and I couldn't wait to give them away to my friends. As far as the macarons go, I think I'm ready to try different flavours..

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