Monday, 1 April 2013


Let me just start by saying, I love love love cream. I am all about the light fluffy creamy decadent.
This Tiramisu has to be one of my personal favorites.

After deciding far to late on Easter weekend that I did not have enough lady fingers, The best solutions seemed to be to make more from scratch at the last minute. I'm so glad I did. I actually like the lady fingers I made much better than the store bought ones. They were really light, sweet and spongy and absorbed the espresso.

I got the recipe from this great blog  Cupcake Project 

Besides the lady fingers on the inside, I dipped the ones around the outside in melted chocolate.
Between the macarons a couple weeks ago and the lady fingers, I have made so much meringue lately and feel like I am finally getting the hang of it.



The final tiramisu is two layers of espresso soaked lady fingers, two layers of the mascarpone cheese folded with eggs, cream and sugar. I omitted the coffee liqueur from the recipe because I personally don't like the after taste, and I loved the final result. This recipe is great, it's really light an fluffy. I got it from  
I made it in a drop bottom cheesecake pan and put the lady fingers around the outside. After sitting in the fridge overnight it popped out and stood up on it own really well.
Next time I think I would but chocolate curls on the top.


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